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December 1st – Michel Foucault

Documentary – Michel Foucault Beyond Good and Evil:

Michel Foucault – Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

Michel Foucault – Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

The Foucault Society Site

Rick Roderick on Foucault – The Partially Examined Life


Today is also World AIDS Day.

Foucault died in Paris of neurological problems compounded by HIV/AIDS; he was the first public figure in France to have died from the disease, with his partner Daniel Defert founding the AIDES charity in his memory.

October 18th – Stories of Philosophies

Stories of Philosophies from Histoires de Philosophies on Vimeo.

Stories of Philosophies ( ) is an animated series featuring famous philosophers, both early and contemporary, as main characters.
Each episode is composed of two parts, each of which presents a philosopher reacting to the presence of an object in the manner of his well-known philosophical vision.
Following the cartooning tradition and in order to stick to what’s essential, the black line drawings move accompanied by simple sound effects, in a white universe reminiscent of a virgin page – a space where ideas take shape.
The intention is to create spiritual and delightful playlets with several levels of depth and understanding. We would like to both explain and provoke interest in the view-points of the world’s most famous philosophers – for viewers of all ages.

October 15th – Ada Lovelace Day

October 2nd – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi