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December 31st – Thanks To All The Followers Of 365 Days of Philosophy

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Dear everyone,

Thanks for your interest over this year which started as a project that was going to take up a significant amount of focus and effort this year… and then I got accepted into a new full-time course of study at the last minute, and everything had to change a little when it came to priorities!

However, it has achieved a few goals – so far every day is noted and while there’s some podcasts outstanding, that will be rectified in the next day or so. There’s resources and links for every element that’s in the Weekly run-down and a number of readers have been keeping track as the year has gone on and even linked or posted about them to others.

My next goal is to finish off the podcast element and possibly document it in some other fashion, so I’ll be keeping the site up for some time after this day is finished. Huge thanks to everyone I interviewed for their time, especially Embiggen Books who allowed me to record the presentation made by Dr Philip Nitschke. Support booksellers, especially your local ones – it’s the most wonderful way to investigate new texts and be inspired by what you might not stumble across online!

If there’s one thing I hope people come away with after checking out this blog, it’s that there’s a tremendous amount of work and resources out there both online and in the real world that can be made accessible and can be shared with others. Thank you to everyone who has put videos, essays, commentaries and ideas out there for others. Thanks also to supporters like the and everyone who has left a comment or a suggestion over this year, even if I was too busy to answer back in time!

Do consider joining groups like the Philosophy Club Australia Facebook group, and supporting publications and conferences that I’ve linked to over the year; if I can, I’ll finish off some final links and elements with the podcasts that may inspire you further.

Please check out my “usual” podcast over at and the new project at It’s been a real challenge keeping this up every day and I hope to hear from you in the future!

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