Welcome to the 365 Days of Philosophy!

Happy New Year 365 Philosophy

The first thing you should know is that there are two sites – one is:

Yes, there’s a slight difference in url! But the content will be the same on both sites, with a different format for each. You can choose which you like, possibly depending on what reader you’re using.

  • There’s also the option of downloading a podcast version of the site, by taking the url of the blogpost and heading to http://podcastomatic.com. Change the text to audio, when you want!

Today I have also drafted (subject to change) the overview of the entire year, with a topic for each week. You can find that here:

Tomorrow, I’ll start with the introduction of “What Is Philosophy?”, drawing on articles from the periodical Philosophy Now (in particular, “Philosophy And The Two-Sided Brain” by Carol Nicholson), a few other readings and ask for your views.

There’ll also be questions, some exercises every week and feel free to give feedback via comments or chat on the Facebook page.

Until tomorrow, as it is the holiday of New Year – you may like to check out Philosophy Now – On Holiday!